Stories From Being On The Move

4-8 minute reads from when I was on the move. Depth & Detail included. This section features some machinery, and some places. Both enchanting in their own way.

Rhythm Lonavala Pool

Rhythm Lonavala

It’s been 9 months since I stepped out of the city. Craving for some fresh air, and relaxed vibes, I take a trip to…

BMW 2 Series Front 2

BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

It’s a fairly cloudy day in Bombay today. We’ve been seeing some unusual, off season rainfall. But I’ve got something…

Great Ocean Road Australia View before Lorne

The Great Ocean Road

As far as bucket list items go, the Great Ocean Road was right up there for me. A trip to Australia without covering…

Gold Coast Beach & Skyline Surfers Paradise

Down Under – Gold Coast

Australia has a coastline of over 35,000km. After a brief stint in Sydney, I take a road trip to Gold Coast to explore…

Sydney Opera House at Night

Romancing Sydney

There’s a case to be made for exploring cities. They are, after all, a hotbed of modern civilisation. What better place…

Jaguar XE Drive

Jaguar XE in Mahabaleshwar

We take the Jaguar onto the narrow, twisty bits around the Koyna reservoir. Mahabaleshwar, here we come!…

Jodhpur Road Trip – The Land Of Kings

A 1400km road trip to Jodhpur. Through the heart of Rajasthan, to the most royal of places - the place of kings and…

One 3. One 5. 2 Stories

The difference between these two cars isn’t just that one is a 3 series, and one is a 5er. No, there’s a generational…

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Stunning Hotels - On The Move Picks

Where you put up your feet matters. Especially when you've been on the move for long. Here are the best of the best.

Shorts From Being On The Move

1-3 minute reads from being on the move. Personal, mind-blowing anecdotes. Thoughts and feelings from points in time, condensed into a photo, and a short.