The crown jewel of the Ladakh region, Pangong Tso is magic exemplified. I spent 3 days by the lake, doing nothing but observing its beauty, basking in its blue and listening to the water crash against its shore.

When I’m 80, these 3 days will appear like bright spots on my life’s timeline. Such is the effect Pangong has on you.

It’s best described in pictures, so I’ll let them do the talking.

Most people spend a night at Pangong – arriving one evening from Leh & departing the next morning. I can not stress how wrong a way that is to explore and soak in this place. This lake deserves more. Hence, I decided to stay here for 3 full nights. Three days that I’ll remember for a lifetime.

Here’s an 8 photo panorama of the lake.

While at Pangong, we stayed at Camp Watermark – on the shores of the lake in a small town called Spangmik. I would highly recommend the place – based on its location and the proximity to the lake.