I visit Tso Moriri, the other high altitude lake in Ladakh. Most people would give it a miss – a pity as far as I’m concerned. Tso Moriri is different in so may ways, and equally worthy of visiting.

Tso Moriri is the other well known lake in Ladakh. Dwarfed in size by Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri generally lives its life in Pangong’s shadow – at least as far as public knowledge is concerned. Yes, most people would be oblivious to the fact that Ladakh has another high altitude lake that is worth visiting. Most people would consider having seen one high altitude lake as enough. Most people would give Tso Moriri a miss thinking it wouldn’t be very different from Pangong.

They would be wrong. Utterly wrong.

In theory yes, both lakes are high altitude ones. Both large bodies of water nestled in the highest mountain range in the world.

In character though, they couldn’t be more different.

Pangong is vibrant and colourful and playful. It changes colour a number of times during the day. Tso Moriri does change colour too. But it’s different. It’s hues of blue are darker, deeper. It’s more calm, and stately. It has an aura of peace and tranquility to it. It’s a reassuring sight.

Pangong is rock and roll to Tso Moriri’s Jazz. Pangong the young teenager to Tso Moriri’s mature adult. Pangong the one easier to get to (relatively), while Tso Moriri requires more than just some extra effort, even though you can reach it in one piece, on 4 wheels.

So next time you’re planning a Ladakh trip, do the right thing, and include Tso Moriri in your plans. It will take your breath away.

When you do get there, do checkout Tso Moriri Camp & Resort. Located just a few hundred meters from the lake, in the town of Karzok, I would highly recommend that you stay at this camp. It blends absolutely stunning views of the lake with basic, modern amenities, the best that you can expect in this stark a land scape.