Cooper S Race Mode Grenade

I didn’t need another reason to love the Mini Cooper S. But this grenade certainly makes for a nice addition. Wait, it’s not a “grenade” in the conventional sense. It’s a cordless remote that activates race mode wirelessly. How cool is that!

It comes with its own disclaimer too – alerting you to the fact that enabling it on public roads is illegal and might void the car’s warranty. Precisely why you should enable it. Essentially, it relies on acoustic engineering to make the car louder. My only gripe is that the turbo charged 2.0L engine doesn’t sound particularly exciting.

Still, this is the kind of stuff that makes you feel like you’re 8 again and in love with cars. Kudos to Mini for that!

WordsAkshay SethiPhotosAkshay SethiYear2015LocationLavasa, India

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