Sydney Bridge Climb

The Sydney Bridge Climb. What an experience! We’d opted for the night climb. The climb started at about 6pm and lasted 3 and a half hours. Those hours aren’t all about the climb though. There’s some prep work to be done. Get into the jumper suits, get the harness on, get your safety gear in place – all of this takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

After which you step out on to the harbour bridge. Over the next hour and a half you make your way to the top, and see Sydney in all its glory. I doubt there’s another place that’ll give you quite as good a view of the Opera House and Circular Quay. It was breath taking. I would do it again, without skipping a beat.

A definite must do while you’re in Sydney. Prices vary based on when you visit, and which climb you choose to undertake. Climbs start at dawn, and end at about 10pm.

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WordsAkshay SethiPhotosBridge ClimbYear2017LocationSydney, Australia

Sydney Skyline

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